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Structure Demolition and Removal is one of our specialties.

It’s All in the Dirt


Junior’s Snow Removal & Excavation Inc. is a full service excavation & trucking company. We have over twenty years of experience, Junior’s has a reputation for providing excellent service, quality work and reasonable rates. 

New construction or remodels, large or small scale, Junior’s has the equipment and experience to complete your project in an efficient and affordable manner.  

What we Do:

* Excavation & Grading (residential, commercial and industrial projects)

* Foundation Excavation & Grading

* Footings

* Underground Utility Installation

    Water & Sewer

    Sewer & Septic Systems

    Electrical & Communication Conduits

* Drainage Repair or Installation

* Land Clearing

* Rock Walls

* Structure Demolition

* Tree, Brush & Stump Removal

* Landscape Preparation

* Material Import and Export - Aggregate Hauling

* Sewer CAM and Locator 

* Sewer Testing

* Shed Transport/Moving

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